Tävlingsdax på Facebook !

Den 30:e november spelar Riff Knives tillsammans med Hildas Gitarr på Nalen Klubb.

Nu vill vi ge dig en chans att vinna en biljett till denna grymma kväll! Vi lottar ut tre biljetter som du kan vinna om du följer dessa enkla steg:

1. Gilla Riff Knives fanpage på Facebook om du inte redan gör det, www.facebook.com/riffknives.
2. Dela Riff Knives senaste status genom att trycka på ”Dela”-knappen.
På torsdag den 29 november klockan 19.00 dras de tre vinnarna bland er som gillar Riff Knives och delat denna status! Dela på!

Happy 1K facebooklikers !!!


Life is a rollercoaster ride full of ups and downs, but surely, yesterday qualifies as one of the former Riff Knives-wise.

Why is that?

Well, apart from having exciting shows coming up next week in Stockholm and Kalmar, and having a wicked-ass album in mixing as we speak, we also have…

exceeded 1K likes on facebook!

yep, big occasion for us, worthy of celebration.

next stop: 2K!

we’d so much appreciate it if you help us grow in numbers by doing what over 1K people have done before you – like our facebook page!

‘Cause 1K people can’t be wrong, can they?

On japanese radio!

Holla atcha Japan!

If you anytime soon are anywhere near the great great city of Kobe, Japan, make sure to tune in to 88.2 on the local radio.

Chances are, you might stumble upon Porn Scar by yours truly.

The song is frequented between October 7th and 13th in the show Gone Fishin’ for Blue Skies.

For more info in the city of Kobe check here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kobe

We are of course thrilled by our first audial invasion of Asian airspace and will celebrate the occasion with a nice Sushi dinner at Svenska Sushiköket and some 1v1 Street Fighter II action.